Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Odds & Ends I encountered while enjoying Life!!!

This one chick posted this ad to start a
420 (weed) Start Up Group

Hey everyone,
I am interested in starting a 420 friendly movie meetup group in the Vancouver area. It's for people who enjoy their 420, going out to see movies and who want to meet new people. Everyone should bring their own supplies, leaching off of other people would be in bad form. Let me know if you would be interested in joining/attending such a group.

Another chick was selling some 420 cookies so thought I'd check it out

Double-butter 420 cookies, extra strong, made with og cush.

Available by the dozen only.

This batch is chocolate chip oatmeal and I only have 3 dozen left.

Next batch will be brownies.

There was a guy who posted this ad for
people who might want to try Salvia a herbal medicine experience.
So I replied cuz when I was in S. America I had experienced an Ayawaska Ceremony performed by a Shaman. It was a very different experience and wonder if what is simliar cuz I'm always open to new experiences.

Ayahuasca (ayawaska pronounced [aja╦łwaska] is any of various psychoactive prepared from the vine, usually mixed with the leaves of dimethyltryptamine-containing species of shrubs from the ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes who found it employed for divinatory and healing purposes by Amerindians of Amazonian Colombia.


I am an intelligent, nice and impressively chilled guy who tried Salvia (now twice). It has been very rewarding, but in an unexpected way.

This is platonic. Really.
Would love to have someone or like-minded people with matching chemistry around for the next time. Make it a more social experience. There might even be a chat about the experience.

I do share herbs, whatever.Whoever is interested in joining for this amazing experience in a relaxed place, hit me back and we can see if we get along!
To those who don't know, this is not a party drug. Do some research on Erowid. I am in the phase of exploring legal alternatives, Salvia was the first and so far most profound. I was sitting wit a friend, who tried it the first time and even loading about three times my initial dose nothing happened. Guess there are other factors (mind set, diet and load of the receptor caused by competing drugs) that impact the experience.

I did quite some reading on the traditional ways, as these are the best point to start with something new and I would love to experience that on a trip to South America. Well, at some point possibly.
But good to hear that you are not the common garden pot-head! I can tell you what is currently happening:
Salvia, requires apparently a little more respect, used it twice, the first time was very deep, second still worth it, want do do again
Extracted Morning glories last week, but may have exceeded temperature, when I drove off the solvent, so the result of approx. 900 seeds split among two was neglectable; ordered bigger batch, extraction protocol needs attention
On the way are Kava kava and some other easy going herbs.
Don't have sufficient background for DMT/MAOI, yet. Maybe later.
Need compadres for this ongoing project, sharing stuff and mostly experiences.
Let's talk and see what we can do.

I was pretty tied up finishing a distill that I had been building over the last weeks, so there were no more experiments. This is running now and there will be more time dedicated to research on plants & their contents.

I met these guys who are in a band called The Boom Booms with a Motorhome Bus with the same name & travelled with them in Nicaragua to Costa Rica. http://whereisthefreespiritguy.blogspot.com/2008/12/just-bunch-of-adventures-in-nicaragua.html

Well one Sat afternoon I went to this party that they put on & it was so awesome to see them again.

I know most of what I did was entertaining myself but there was the usual dancing & partying that I usually get involved in. I’m finding that life can be beautiful as days are usually filled with going for bike rides, run or work a bit during the day as I work from home on my computer. Then in the evenings if I want to go out these are some of the places I may go.

Here's the Reggae night I usually go to on Thur nights

Here's the website of the Fever Club I go to sometimes

Then sometimes I head to this spot http://thecaa.blogspot.com/2007/05/reggae-night-at-anza-club.html

Met up with some Old & New cool & different people with various cultural backgrounds and also lost track of some old friends. But am always on the look out for some new friends!!!! But when ppl see or find out my different trips well I have trouble making friends with them!!!
Met up again with some old friends from before: Sher (Canadian part Native), Sarita (Belize), Pilar (Peru), Kyoko (Japan),
Meral (Turkey), Raven (Canadian Native), etc. Then met Gloria (Senegal & Kenja), Shyn (mix Nigerian & Dutch), Yumi (Japan), Mercedes (Chinese from Venezuela) and a few others who I can’t remember, etc. Cuz met new ppl at my favorite Cafe New Amsterdam where I go to do some 420/weed, dance clubs, bars, Music Festivals & just along the way!

But I don't always just party as also like to find cool places to eat or hang out, hang with friends & family, watch movies, go for coffee, hike, camp, use my computer. Also run, bike or walk around some of the 15 kms of sea wall around downtown Vancouver, etc. t oo!

I'm not rich but do have some money I made from selling my house and putting 1/2 in the bank which I won't touch. So I could work in computers but don't want a regular job! I want to enjoy life, travel, volunteer, meet nice cool ppl and work part time to save money to travel, pay rent, etc. It may not be the best life or that it's good for everyone! Cuz it can be lonely if u let it but for me wll I meet new & old ppl that keep me busy and enjoying life!!!

Cuz if I wanted to work at a permanent job in Computer software well I would probably have to upgrade some of my skills. However I don’t find that is high on my priority list as I don`t really want to continue working at that even if it is a good paying occupation. But I find it too all consuming and being career minded is not where my head is anymore. So I work a bit part time at home on my computer & do some volunteering gigs.

What I want to do for part time work are things that are not the norm like the following

Flyer hand-out / Street Team (Vancouver) We are urgently looking for people to hand out flyers as a part of a Street Team, this coming Sunday (September 27th) in Downtown Vancouver (daytime). You need to be communicative, cheerful, with a positive attitude. We prefer people with previous experience, but it's not a must.
Payment is $50 cash, for couple of hours of work (paid at the end of the gig). If we are satisfied with your work - we'll have gigs for you every weekend.

Vancouver Trade shows (vancouver) Looking for an enthutiastic sales team for the Vancouver Tabboo show and Womens show In October and November. The product thats going to be sold is called ``True Smooth``which is a womans shaving machine, it sands away your hair and leaves you a nice soft feel on your skin.. Easy to sell and great pay as you get hourly plus commission. If you think you can sell and have fun at the shows making extra easy cash please send your resume along with a description of yourself This job is only during weekends: Vancouver Convention Centre NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! We Will TRAIN.

On Call Drivers (lower mainland) Enterprise Rent A Car is looking for on call drivers to shuttle cars between locations. Applicants must have a valid class5 drivers license and a good driving record.

Vancouver/Whistler Winter Olympics – can get temporary jobs here but won’t be around when it happens!

These probably aren`t the most intellectual jobs or career ones but hey right now they work for me!

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