Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good to see a person accompish something they're passionate about in life

Dr. Susan Biali, 37, a medical doctor as encouraged by her parents, has written a book on passion and how she found her true calling. Right now she's negotiating a TV program about the process. Susan says passion means getting at the very core of who you are and what you want to do. Since childhood she had longed to be a dancer. One morning she arrived home exhausted from a particularly stressful night shift in the emergency ward. Desperate, she turned around, slammed the door, flew to Cuba and took up Flamenco.

Susan is now a professional dancer.

The word passion comes from the Latin patior, meaning to suffer or to endure. These days, losing its uncomfortable roots, passion is a feeling of unusual excitement, enthusiasm or compelling emotion toward a subject, idea, person or object. Here's how to get it:

Revisit and repossess your core dreams and fantasies.

Consider your dreams to be private, unique and sacred.

Get help from and watch the actions of the already passionate.

Indulge, honour and live in your own imagination.

Don't talk about it, do it.

See your passion manifested into action or production.

William Burke, the great philosopher and definer of emotions and passions, wrote in 1780, "There's a boundary to passions when we act from feelings; but none when we are under the influence of imagination."

When you serve your passions, proficiency gradually takes over and becomes habitual. "Permission" becomes entrenched with even more focus and those giddy feelings of success. It's like love--when you're in it you hardly know where you are, but all is well.


Passion is yours. Recognize it. Honor it. Open yourself up to it and allow it to fill up your heart and live by it! May 2009 bring more passion into your life - and may you bring forth more of your passion for this New Year.

~Love, Lisa

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Dr. Susan Biali said...

Hello Lisa!
This is Susan Biali, the flamenco-dancing doctor you mentioned in the post above. Thanks for being passionate about passion, and sharing that with others, it makes all the difference in life.
Until I took my first real dance lesson at the age of 28, I didn't think life was supposed to be, or could ever be, fun.
I used to know it, when I was a little girl, but then the "grownups" around me told me that I had better be "practical" and "realistic". Practical and realistic will make for a safe life, but I would take a passionate life over a safe one, any day!
It's always, always worth it to follow the dreams in your heart. That way, when life is over, you won't ever wonder "what if". You will know, and you will celebrate every dream that you lived.
Here's to passion!
Susan Biali, MD

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