Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still hard to believe how I got shafted in that apt! But don't think I'm Pissed as I'm Not!

Sometimes while travelling down the road of life we get shafted! So we brush it off and move on which is how I want to treat this incident. But what I usually do is blog things that irate me cuz that's my way of dealing with shit!
So a little background! I was going travelling for 7 months back in Oct 2008. So I placed an ad in Craigslist my online shopping mecca! Well due to my FOB loving dorky roommate Mark well he wanted this Korean chick (if u saw me u'd know I'm not racist ) friend who was as quiet as a church mouse. She didn't even bother to ask about the rent. Since I didn't have to live with her I bowed to his wishes and rejected the first choice Jen the nurse who worked 2 blocks away! But this FOB Korean didn't want to sublease cuz she thought the rent was too high! duh! By then Jen had found another place and it was good she did. So we decided on Cat from Kansas who was going to UBC till May or June 2009 which would work out. So she moved in with her dog & that's how we ended up with the Cat & Dog show! But while I was gone Cat told me she was Forced to sign her own lease! Hopefully it wasn't at gunpoint but regardless when I checked with her. LOL She didn't offer to move out but told me I could leave my furniture in the room for as long as I wanted. Which is probably her sheepish way of saying "Dude I'm sorry I screwed u"! So here's the BS Crap!

My msg to my ex roommates Mark, Eves & Cat !

Still hard to believe how I got shafted in that apt! But don't think I'm Pissed as I'm Not!

Cuz u helped make a decision for me! Whether I still wanted to live in the apt any longer! But thx to u guys it was made for me! I've met a lot of nice cool honest ppl while travelling from all over the world! Which got me thinking Hey Life is too Short so did I want to continue living with my respectful caring roommates? Ha Ha! Cuz I think the qualities a person looks for in a roommate is someone who is honest and respectful! Well what happened strengthens my believe that hell is the apt & location important enough to not care if I have roommates with NO CHARACTER!

Heck I may not be the ideal roommate but at least I was respectful and honest to people! Which is how I dealt with the candidates to sub lease my room! I had picked Jen the Nurse cuz she contacted me first to sublease my room till the end of May! She was grateful that i even considered her as a potential candidate! We're friends on Facebook as she's honest, kind and respectful. So even if she HAD to sign a lease in Jan I'm sure she would have offered to move out at the end of May as agreed upon!
At least that's what most respectful honest people of priniciple would have done as that's the correct thing to do! They wouldn't have ignored letting me know what had transpired so I didn't know where I stood!

Sorry didn't mean this to be a hatred email cuz I'm not upset any longer & don't hold a grudge about something so meaningless in fact I'm thankful now! So now I can go travelling around the world without having a return date hanging over my head. Cuz of my agreement of subleasing my room until end of May. Also whether the kind of ppl living in downtown Vancouver are the type I want to associate with any longer. Cuz most ppl are basically nice until they rent or live downtown. I'm really looking forward to leaving town to travel again to S. America cuz ppl travelling are out to enjoy life and care about other ppl and things! They aren't me types who don't care about others just to save/make a buck or screw a person. It's maybe cuz we all have to kinda depend on others when travelling if there's problems cuz we're all in the same boat - far from home without friends!
So I guess this means if any of my mail comes to the apt! That I won't get any of it forwarded to me so there's nott much reason for me to give u my mailing address.
So thanks and remember there's a thing called Karma and remember "what goes around, comes around!"

Reply from Eve my ex roommate who moved out when I was travelling

i read that e-mail.
i sent you a txt with cat's number. did you not get it?

since im not living there anymore. i dont know the entire situation. when i left the status still stood that you were to move back there when you returned. even bill our landlord knew of that.
but fill me in as to what happened. did they not talk to you?
i dont have mark's contact number before we were no longer friends when i leave. he owed me a lot of money and refused to pay or have any contact with me as i no longer wanted to associate with him. he also refused to give me any of mail that ended up there. but if you need to stop by the building to speak to them. call me. or let me know. so i can be here to let you in at least. so you can talk to them or or bill. im not sure. but you bike and stuff s still here isn't it?

i'm in all day today.


Reply from Mark Mccarroll

It's fairly simple, Bill wanted 3 people to sign the lease or he'd find 3 people to sign the lease. It's a contract, you can't just break it and let someone take your place, Bill was fully aware of the entire situation. I'm not going to move because Bill wants me to sign a lease and neither should anyone else if they are forced to. So don't go stereotyping us. If anyone is to blame it's Eve for moving out because that is what made Bill decide people living there need to sign a lease for it.

Reply to Mark

Dude don't get ur panties in a knot cuz I'm not pissed at any one! Just disappointed that I wasn't given the courtesy of being told "Hey I was asked to sign a lease by Bill but since I was to stay from Oct to May then I'll move out in May as agreed upon"! Cuz it's the principle of that being the proper thing to offer! But hell it's no biggie as u guys actually did me a favor by with this shit! Cuz it confirms my feeling of not looking forward to moving back into that apt again! Yeah I love the apt and location but after that crap with u wanting that Korean chick to sublease my room. So against my better judgment I told Jen, the nurse, that she couldn';t have it even if she was the first to apply, had a good steady income, close for her to work at St. Paul's Hospital, super nice and grateful to be considered & gracious when I rejected her! U wanted the Korean FOB, who couldn't even ask about the rent, to move in and then rejected it.So we ended up with a Cat & dog show which I didn't mind either cuz thought she was a nice chick! But if a person is honest, sincere & tell ppl the truth as I did to Jen well she was still nice about it. Hell I would have understood too about not having a place to stay in May if I had been told! But did u guys have the balls to tell me back in Jan or Feb so I knew where I stood - No or do I even count? But it seems that passing the buck or procrastinating seems to be rampant there!
Gosh U showed class with your statement " If anyone is to blame it's Eve for moving out". So pardon me for saying this cuz don't usually mean mouth ppl but with that statement I'm making an exception! Rachel (who subleased ur room for 6 months) was a real cool sweet chick & wouldn't do it to u. But how would u have felt if she signed a lease (heck we both had to sign some kind of lease with Bill) & didn't tell u until u came back in Sept. Hey had to sign a lease but u can store ur stuff until whenever! Plus she could have saved herself $200 a month! Hey I never said u should move! So cuz ur in with ppl of ur own kind! God help the poor chick who took Eve's spot! Guess Eve and u aren't on good term either boy would I want to step back into that horror show? Shit would rather get my teeth extracted with no freezing! U said not to stereotype u guys so should I change my statement from my previous email "Cuz most ppl are basically nice until they rent or live downtown" to say "u guys weren't nice before u moved downtown?
Sorry just letting off some steam as Life is too Short to hold a grudge over such a minor issue!. Anyway u'll never hear from me again as I'm going back travelling to S. America for 5 or 6 months with nothing hanging over me to return! Cuz then can travel to Africa again & Russia as finished with renting downtown & even Vancouver. The ppl are so uncaring or only care about them selves! If I live in Vanc again well I'll stay where ppl are more sincere! Dam can't wait to meet nice fun loving honest travellers again!

Just remember about Good Karma 'specially Easter Sunday! But since u don't care about Karma well give me your best shot & chuck my mail in the trash!!

From Eve

well it's not surprising he did that. but just so you know i had spoken to bill about the entire situation before i moved out.
and he knew you were to move back and all. so what mark said was probably a lie. the lease has no difference from when i was there, from before mark was there. there has always been a lease and ppl just had to sign it upon each roommate moving in and out. well. i can't say much else. i dont speak to him anymoresince he screwed me over. it's no wonder why i had to leave. as you say. karma. i actually.y. really missed rachel after mark came back. i was hoping to stay until at least you came back and hand over the lease to you. but i couldn't take it anymore and had to leave. sorry tom for all that inconvenience. but i didnt think he could be so selfish to do something so pitiful. he'll get what's coming to him sooner or later.
sorry again.

So hey I don't have a home any longer but no problem as I'm going travelling for 4 or 5 months. Then when I return I'm not going to move downtown as don't need the type of ppl living there. Cuz u have to like the ppl u have as room mates even if u don't hang with them! So if I ever go to move into a place well I don't care how sweet the deal is I'm going to read this shit and also remember that some Americans aren't so gracious or have principles!

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