Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wow it’s been some ride knowing a Crazy mixed up chick like …..! But dam still think she’s awesome even today about 2 ½ years later!!!

So where should I start? OK so met JM a couple years ago when I started going to her office for help!!!!!

Guess the first thing I remember was her smile cuz it was so genuine & beautiful! Then shit happen to notice the cleavage – Wow awesome!!!! Now I’m not a Gawker but hey I am human & a guy! So couldn’t help but notice it from my vantage point looking down at her sitting at her desk! Yeah looking at her could get any guy’s attention!

Then when I spoke to her I couldn’t help but notice how professional, kind, helpful & easy to talk to she was! So guess was a bit smitten but what red blooded male wouldn’t be like moi!!!!!!

I had images fixed in my brain of her awesome body & fabulous personality so didn’t really matter if I was lucky to see that same view I saw on my first visit! Cuz hell man I knew they existed & I forget a lot of useless things! Baby who the shit could forget that sight! So made it a point to find any excuse to go back to her office & especially to have a few words with her!

But u know what impressed me even more about her was how special she made me feel! Cuz it does something to one’s ego! Hell I knew she treated everyone equally men or women! But who the hell cared cuz for a couple moments I felt special!

I didn’t go to her office that often cuz hell ran out of reasons!! So guess we got to know each other professionally! But also found out about her back ground which was European! So guess u could say I got to know a bit about her! Then when I went to Europe I coincidently went to her parent’s home land! Not that I was kind of stalking her but cuz wanted to see the country! I had her email address so just sent a note just to mention that I made it to her ancestory home land!

But we never met outside her office but just talked there! I wasn’t like interested in her in a romantic way but just found her a great person to talk with! This went on for a year of so! But hey I was interested in what made a classy sexy chick like her click!! Cuz let’s face it most chicks I knew or hung out with weren’t in her class!! So I asked casually what she enjoyed doing when not being a professional classy chick !! Kind of an odd question to ask but wtf I wanted to find out! So she said she liked to work out and keep fit!

Then one visit we got talking about what kind of fitness she did! So she told me and I was fascinated in the kind of exercise she did! Can’t recall how it happened but she invited me to come and check it out myself! So hell I said sure why not even if I had tried it once but felt it wasn’t my thing! But shit I would have tried anything to find out what she was interested in!!

I want to mention again that didn’t have a crush or wanting to have a romantic affair! Cuz shit I’m not that stupid cuz knew that this classy chick would have wouldn’t have any interest in an old douche bag like me! I was interested in finding out what a classy beautiful chick like her did in her personal life! I figured that she traveled in a completely different circle than me but wanted to find out! I figured she must have a lot of guys all chasing her & knew I wasn’t going to be one of them! Cuz I’m not that egoticsical to hit on such a classy chick! Plus I had just gotten out of a long term married relationship and didn’t want the responsibility of another! Not that I had even a remote chance so I was just basically wanting to know more about her!

She told me she worked a lot and then when I sounded interested cuz like working out once in a while! She was so kind that she invited me to go and check it out! So went to this work out fitness session cuz it was for both genders! MJ was so sweet, helpful, kind & made sure that I was OK! So basically she was like she is at work as she was making sure that my experience was positive! I was totally impressed how nice she was to a crazy douche bag like me!

I have to say it was a strenuous workout but probably not my thing! Cuz it caused this itch from a heat rash I got in the African desert to return!

Anyway after the exercise we went for a bite to eat! I got to know more about her and also found out that it was easy to talk with her! So she invited me to come again the following weekend!

So I went and of course again I found that it wasn’t basically my cup of tea! But hell I didn’t care cuz got to spend time getting to know her better! Than after the workout we went to my place as I thought it’d be cool to cook her some thing to eat! So that worked out well as we drank wine, beer and ate some Japanese food I partially made and bought!

So along the way the conversation got around to doing 420 which I do quite frequently! She told me in fact she did 420 cuz of course she grew up in Vancouver and which red blooded person didn’t do it! Duh!!

I got my doctor to sign a form to say that I had a problem that required 420 to help me! So now get to buy 420 at a dispensary about 10 blocks from my place, but not sure if that’s good or bad! But than again I don’t buy too much cuz don’t do it alone but only do it with someone usually a friend or at least they soon become one! But it still costs me less than drinking!

So I brought my 420 out to smoke and we got a bit wasted! But we had such a good time talking, laughing and just chillin! It got to the point that JM couldn’t drive home as she lived a bit of a drive away! So I told her to stay over as we were having such a good time! By this time I also brought out some ‘shrooms which I don’t do too often but had some!

Well pretty soom we were pretty wasted ! Had some music on and we started dancing and enjoying the Reggae music that I quite often listen to when I do 420 and chill tho I enjoy a lot of genres!

But pretty soon I guess J.M. got a bit emotional! She started talking about a lost love and some other issues! I knew being of Eastern European descent that the people are very emotional and she was true to form!! But hey I thought don’t know if I want to hear about these issues not that I’m not sensitive to other people’s problems! But hey when I’m enjoying myself and doing 420 or ‘shrooms I kind of like to leave the baggage at the door! So I told her this and this seem to help her get out of this funk! But of course this didn’t ruin the evening as we carried on drinking wine and doing 420 until 8 am!

So all in all we really enjoyed ourselves! But I wasn’t sure about what happened and yeah I thoroughly enjoyed her company more than probably most of my true 420 party people! But I didn’t call her for a few months as I went to Jamaica with my Jamaican buddy for a few weeks! Also I got eye surgery so it was a couple months before I talked to her again! She’s not the type of chick who will call a guy probably thinking I’d get the wrong impression! But hell I never had any visions of anything romantic happening between us! Not to say I didn’t think she was attractive, quite the opposite as thought she was hot and fun to hang out with! But I was kind of confused about her bringing out all her baggage!

Anyway about 2 months later or so my buddy was having a party to celebrate the starting of summer! So I invited her and a whole bunch of other friends to the party! I told the people to that we’d meet at this restaurant close to my friend’s place and go as a group to the party! So we all met except .M. as she went directly to the party! So when I got to the party I didn’t talk much to her as I was with my other friends! I was also quite wasted and guess so was JM which was cool! So we talked at the party every so often but didn’t want to cramp her style! Well as it turned out as the evening went along that she hooked up with this dude! Which was cool cuz I had no ties to her! Well that ended that evening !

Then didn’t see or talk to her for a few weeks! I went to a family get together out of town for the long weekend! She sent me a text saying thanks for inviting me to the party, that she had a good time and would like to hang out again! That was cool cuz glad she enjoyed herself there!

So the weekend after the long weekend there was a Ky-mani Marley (one of Bob Marley’s sons) in town! I had a couple of tickets and asked if she wanted to go see him perform! So she came over after her exercise class and we had something to eat! We also drank some wine and did some 420 (what else at a Reggae concert?)!

Well after drinking we decided to take a bus downtown cuz when u slum with moi u travel the same!! Well my friend had never ridden a bus in her adult life! (she usually drives her fancy car( But we went to this concert downtown & took a bus which was a hoot for her & moi!! Since it was hoot for her well I fed off it and really thought the trip was a hoot as we got tossed around on the bus (or so we thought). But we made it to the Commodore OK to see an awesome concert! Unfortunately we lost each other for a while during the concert but all was cool as we met up later! Another crazy, fun, wild adventure with my fun loving friend as we always have a hoot when hanging out!

Was kind of tied up for most of July at festivals and worked at Shambhala the first week of Aug so we never hung out for about a month!

In the middle of August there was a festival in Squamish that wanted to check it out to make up for not going to Burning Man at the end of Aug! So yeah decided to check out Alive at Squamish (had been there last year too) on about the 3rd week of Aug. So picked up a cheap tkt on CL and headed up to the 2 day festival with J.M. my crazy fun lovin hangin out friend! She had never been to a musical festival so this was a whole new experience for her! Actually whenever we hung out it seemed like it was a new or crazy experience for her! She’s always up for smoking, drinking and having a good time! But she generally hangs out with a different crowd than moi! She had some friends that were going to this festival! So we met up with them but unfortunately they weren’t too impressed with moi for some reason! Duh think they figured I was too weird, a Stoner or some shit! So didn’t hang out with them which I kinda felt bad about for J.M. but wtf met other random chill fun people! We had to sleep in the back of my pickup truck in the parking lot as didn’t have or want to pay the $$ for a camp site! But it was a lot of fun as we met a few others camping there too so drank and partied most of the night with them! J.M. has this thing about fire fighters and aone of the guys working Security there so seemed to want to spend a bit of time talking to them but it was all good cuz there isn’t any thing between us!! J.M.was a real trooper as think she enjoyed herself so I’d go to a festival with her again any time cuz as long as a person likes music it's cool! The funny thing is we had to leave before the last group Weezer came on which we really wanted to hear play on Sun night! So that sucked! But J.M. got a bad case of diahera (the runs) or whatever so we had to go! But u know wtf it’s all good as can catch the group another time! Insha’alllah! Cuz we realize that it’s about having a good time & not seeing all the groups! So we had an awesome crazy time!

Then about a week after going to Bumbershoot on Labor Day went to Tofino,_British_Columbia with J.M., my fun loving, weed smoking, liquor drinkin friend! Who I went with to Live at Squmish & have hung out to do other fun things! J.M. liked to surf so went there to do some! We made plans (decided to go is more like it) to go to Tofino cuz wanted J.M. to have a vacation as she hadn’t done anything for a vacation all summer! But shit when went to pick her up to go on Sunday to go to Tofino! She told me that she has a boyfriend now which was OK with me as I was happy for her! Cuz we’re only good friends and as a good friend I’m happy for her! I knew from hanging with her when she told me many times about former BF’s so it seemed she was anxious to meet a nice guy! So she was dating this friend who started as a friend of her brother tho they’ve known each other for years! Also he was the of the same Eastern Europe ethnic origin as her which made it cool! Actually I thought great now she’s got what she has been looking for! But it was also sad cuz now that she had a boy friend well it wouldn’t be right to hang out any more which kind of sucked! But since we had made arrangements plus she said her boyfriend didn’t mind so well we went as it would suck if we didn’t cuz it was suppose to be a good weather there! But when we went well she seemed caught up calling the dude a few times! Which was OK with me cuz I was doing my thing & also who am I to care!

We stayed at a cool cabin & didn’t go outdoors except for a walk on the beach and I went for a run! Actually as usual guess we just partied in the cabin! Cuz we had our share of beer, wine, liquor, weed, ‘shrooms, etc! Also made it to the bar in town one evening to drink at a local establishment! So yeah had a fun time hangin with J.M. as usual but unfortunately felt bad that she didn’t get to go surfing tho I encouraged her to go! So anyway fun was had as always!

But we only stayed 2 days & left early as I thought wtf am I doing going away with J.M. for a few days if she has a boy friend! But I stayed for a couple days cuz she kept saying she was scared to have a baby! But I told her shit you’re putting the horse before the carriage cuz she had just dating & just told me that just officially became boy friend and girl friend a day before!

Anyway when she got stoned she’d get all emotional! One minute she’d be telling about this new boyfriend & how much she cared for him!! Then she’d be saying if this hot (her word not mine) guy (who she sees at work that she’s had a crush on) was to ask her out well it would be a hard decision for her! Boy I been noticing it for a while but really realized that J.M. is a pretty messed up chick!

So on the 3rd day I thought wtf am I doing here even if her BF said it’s OK well it wasn’t right! I’m happy for J.M. that she got a nice BF which she seemed to want! But she’d get all messed up and told me she’s scared about something or other! Well I really like J.M. but I didn’t want to hear all this emotional shit she’d tell me when she got stoned! I really love (not physically but as a friend) but I didn’t want to hear any more! So I told her that we shouldn’t hang out any more cuz let’s face it she had a boyfriend now! So of course she agreed as it wasn’t cool or was a good thing to do even if she said her BF didn’t mind me hanging around! But I did!!

Anyway I had to hurry home from Tofino cuz the next day I had a flight to Toronto & onward to Montreal as would be there for 3 weeks! Well while I was away I saw a reminder pop up on my FB that it was J.M.’s birthday! So I thought I’d send her a Happy Birthday wish as FB suggested! But I never thought about it but told her something like “Happy Birthday and would give u a present but u got the best B/Day present a couple weeks before – a new Beau!” Well she replied “Hi Tom, hope ur doing well in TO & having a good time there! Thank u for the massage groupon and ur bday wishes, BUT please Do Not say anything on my fbook wall re my 'relationship' or anything personal cuz I didn't want people to know especially sone nembers of my family yet until I tell them!!!! Thank you! I just hope nobody reads it!!!”. I felt really bad that I said what I did but it had been a few weeks and knowing most women well thought by then that everyone would know she had a BF!!

So I sent her a reply “Sorry about writing all that shit on ur FB wall as was just wishing u Happy B/day (as FB announces friend's B/day) but wrote too much as usual! Wasn't trying to sabotage ur relationship by letting it out of the bag earlier than u wanted! Guess thought all ur friends knew & didn't think ur family read ur FB page cuz mine don't! So went to delete the posting on ur wall but u must have beat me to it! Not pissed or anything as can't be bothered with negativity! But won't post to ur FB, email or contact u anymore! Cuz don't want to f*ck up
things for u!! Goodbye & good luck!”

So that’s the last communications I had with J.M. as not mad but think it’s best if we left it that way cuz really want her to have this relationship work for her! Know I will miss her company as we always had an awesome time hanging out! But wtf I can always find a new friend to hang out, do 420 or whatever! Will always love her as a fun loving friend!!

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